Drum Technician Services:

A great sounding drums kit doesn't happen automatically.  Though there are many types of drum heads and aids to help with drum tone there is no substitute for a drum kit that is properly tuned.  A properly tuned drum kit can change the dynamics of any one.  Unfortunately, drums kits don't come off of the sales floor ready to play and tuning drums is not something that comes easy to most.  If you or your organization  needs help to make your drum kit sound studio ready contact Vernon J.

Drum Lesson (In person / Virtual):

Whether you are a beginner or well on your drumming journey quality instruction is always in order.  Take your drumming to the net level with personal instruction from Vernon J. With more than 40 years of drumming experience in almost every genre Vernon J.  can help you achieve your musical goals.

Musician / Band Mentoring:

A new musical setting can sometimes be intimidating. What should I do? How should I be? What do I wear? These and many other questions can shift your focus to things other than the music. Don't go into any situation unprepared.  Contact Vernon J. and start your musician / band mentoring today.  Whether it is Sunday morning or on stage at a festival make sure that you are always prepared.

Voice Over Services:

Are you looking to add a professional sound to your project, well look no further.  Let us add a clear, vibrant male of female voice to your narration to give it extra class.