“Moving Spirit”


Collaborating Organizations:

Moravian Theological Seminary Spiritual Direction Program & DanceLink



DanceLink, a Lehigh Valley based dance organization, will partner with the Moravian Theological Seminary’s Spiritual Direction program to create “Moving Spirit”, an original 20-30 minute dance work exploring how Spirit is moving in the Lehigh Valley now. Composer Vernon J. Mobley, a Lehigh Valley-based composer, will create an original score for the dance. The project will be cast and rehearsed in the Spring and Summer of 2020 to culminate with a performance in the fall of 2020.


Sarah Carlson, the Artistic Director of DanceLink, has been working with Marcella Kraybill-Greggo, a Spiritual Direction faculty member at Moravian Theological Seminary (MTS) since 2013 in order to infuse movement into the Spiritual Director Formation Program.  Using a body-based modality called InterPlay, Ms. Carlson has nurtured an understanding and practice of embodied spirituality in the Spiritual Direction program at MTS that has been transformative and healing. Ms. Carlson is a certified InterPlay leader and she has engaged InterPlay processes in her artistic work as well.


Participants of varying faiths including Spiritual Directors, Spiritual Directors-in-training and professional dance artists will be asked to delve into their own personal experiences of the Sacred to inspire movement motifs. As such, this creative outpouring will be community-sourced and thus represent an authentic perspective into how the Divine is perceived in contemporary living. 

Key questions to be explored include: 

·How does this outlook integrate, contrast with or demonstrate a direct link to the deep spiritual roots and values that founded this region?  

·How can our diverse perceptions of the Sacred transcend culture and class to unify across divides? 

·What do we need to do to nurture our connection to Spirit as we move into the future? 


The goal of the project is to illuminate how Spirit can be manifested in our body and how, if we allow it, it can physically “move” us to new understanding. Our audience will be inspired by a program that brings together a variety of spiritual perspectives to create a composition that at once celebrates uniqueness while producing a unified whole that transcends difference. 


“Moving Spirit” aligns with the LVEHC themes in that it will highlight the Spiritual Director Formation Program, a relatively new offering at Moravian Theological Seminary which responds to a communal need for Spiritual Formation/Presence by more than just designated clergy members.  It will also demonstrate how body, mind and spirit are currently being woven together into a moving, embodied approach to spirituality at a theological institution that has traditionally been more academic/mind focused and sedentary. The dance will present a sample slice of the current spiritual landscape of the Lehigh Valley which will be recorded and added to the archive that enriches our region.